I decided to make this weeks blog post about things I’ve learned so far.  Enjoy!

1. Safety meetings have nothing to do with safety.  It took me a very long time to figure this one out!  (It means you’re smoking illegal substances).

2.  Hiker’s food bags look like they were packed by a mix between six year olds and alcoholics.  We burn so many calories that we need everything we can get.  This includes pop tarts, whiskey and lots of candy.

3.  Telling a girl that you showered yesterday is considered a pick-up line.

4.  They’re called bear bags, but pretty much everyone hangs them to keep mice away.

5.  Mice are not scared of anything!  They will sit on your head or poop on your sleeping bag while you sleep.

6.  Townspeople sometimes call us “hickers”.  We find this extremely amusing.

7.  It is 10 X easier to hitchhike if you’re a girl.

8.  Almost everyone on the trail is either under 25 or over 60 and a veteran.

9.  Everything hurts — ALWAYS!

10.  I consider quitting on almost every big hill, then change my mind as soon as I see the lookout.

11.  There are a ton of Germans out here.

12.  I have yet to meet an African American on the trail

13.  You are never at the top of the mountain.  Saying “it’s got to be the top this time” will lead to disappointment 100% of the time.

14.  It is very confusing when hikers add you on Facebook.  Then after looking at a couple pictures there’s the sudden realization of “Oh!  That’s *insert trail name here*.

15.  Somehow walking 15 miles with a 30 lb. pack up a mountain all day gets easy after a couple weeks.

16.  Some privies have no walls.

17.  There are people who literally live on the trail for years.

18.  Cotton kills!  There is nothing worse than hiking in wet cotton.

19.  The saying goes, “at the end of the trail the men look like P.O.W.’s and the women look like Greek goddesses”.

20.  Hikers (hickers) are the nicest, craziest, most interesting people I’ve ever met.

Love,  Hollywood

Gofundme.com/st984k – to benefit the orphans at Heart for Africa



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